On April 18, at F8 conference in San Jose Facebook announced a bunch of changes to Messenger. It is not news, that Facebook is competing to make Messenger the primarily used messaging app, and this time the main changes will focus on an app store for bots, a QR-code scanner and new chat extensions.   In the end of the presentation, David Marcus, head of Messenger shared some big news: “I’m really excited to share with you that Apple Music will soon be on the platform as well”.   No further details were disclosed, but since Messenger has partnered with Apple before (remember how songs from Apple Music can be embedded in the news feed). However, rumor has it, that the new extension will help to browse Apple Music from inside Messenger and will enable users to sort of exchange track in a chat. Most likely, you’ll need a subscription to be able to listen to the full song, but, anyways, isn’t it the function we all have been long waiting for?    By the way, if you do not want to wait until the extension is actually available, Spotify is already offering similar functions, however, they are not too thrilling from the point of UX.